Monday, January 11, 2016

Make money online Source Rebooted

It is glad to know that the reputed online community site has quenched the thirst of a question 'how to make money' by  rebooting it's 'make money online program' few months back. I came to know this happy information accidentally, because for several months I was not attending the site mylot due to many other commitments. Even though the earning portfolio was ceased for years, the site was visited by it's members frequently, because it was an interesting experience to participate there. So, after few months absence, I visited the site again and got informed about the changes. I had been on this site for long years and have had many pay outs to enjoy. 

People always crowded around sites those are offering clues to the question of how to make money for their legitimate activities and used to earn comfortable amount of money from such sites.  In mylot too there were hundreds of thousands of people gathered around. The important point I have noticed was that the members were reputed personals in their profession as well as in writing. I enjoyed the reading of the quality content of these great people and learned a lot from their views about various aspects. Simple, healthy as well as purposeful discussion were going on at mylot on a friendly surrounding. Many great online friends are the result of my activities in this site. Starting up of a discussion and the continuing of the different facets of the content just like online chatting is the method of the mylot program. The discussions acquire likes, comments which open the hearts of each and every participant, earn money according to the density of the members' involvement. I have earned money from mylot several times on reaching the account balance of $10. 

The Make Money Online program ceased by mylot at the middle of the year 2013. It may be because of their inability to pay the vast number of members. What ever it may be the reason, the effect of the decision was the loss of an online earning opportunity to the members. Even though there was no remuneration, the site's activities continued. Many people left the mylot or concentrated on other revenue sharing sites. It was the time of the emergence of the site Bubblews. Many members of the mylot  migrated to the bubblews which was famed as the great revenue sharing sites among others. I have too changed my position from mylot to bubblews. But I did not abandoned mylot for ever. I used to visit once in a while and made my presence live there. Always I considered mylot as good friend which led me through the path of knowledge. As there was hectic activities at Bubblews producing small articles of 400 characters length and following up of the revenue accumulation, the chances of visiting mylot was meager. That was the just reason to keep mylot at the back ground and at such an instance of ‘once in a while visit’, I revealed that mylot has re-installed it's Make money online program.

By the time, the prestigious online earning site bubblews dimmed. It stopped the payment system. At last, recently the site Bubblews closed down. I have posted an article about the bubblew's closure for your reference: Bubblews - The End of Online Earning

Now really it is a great occasion at the time of bubblews and other many revenue sharing sites closure, mylot has rebooted it's make money online program



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