Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sole Path of Online Earning

Earn Online

Again talking about the Sole Path of Online Earning. There are several means or ways to have earning from the internet. But here I am only talking about a sole or singular way of online earning. Because, the other several paths of making money online has not successful in my case so far. At the same time, the path discussing here has proven to be a successful way in my case.

I am talking about the online earning site Ayuwage again. Before, many times I have discussed about Ayuwage and the monetary benefits gained by me from the site. This time, it is about the thirteenth successful  pay out from Ayuwage. I have received the 13th payment to my bank account without fail on 16th April, 2016. I am not receiving any money from my other endeavors like Google Adsense or Affiliate activities. That is why I am specifically writing about the continuous and successful pay outs from this site. I hope that the testimony from me may encourage people those who are seeking means of making money online and join the site to have their portion of the pie.

I am writing this post today the 30th of April, 2016. That means, it is fourteen days after the 13th pay out what I am discussing here. Meanwhile I am just reaching to the 14th pay out. This time, I would like to purchase a banner ad from Ayuwage for the duration of 'One month' which is priced $7.50 as a way of saying thanks to the Ayuwage team instead of requesting for a pay-out.

If you are interested click HERE and try the site.

See the image of pay out as Proof below.

Image Proof



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