Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deleted The Postings About Scam Funds.

I have deleted the postings about some HYIP sites which offered attractive interest rates to the investing members. These sites proved to be scam sites. I had inserted my referral links on these postings to attract referrals.Some body joined in some sites. If I am not deleting the postings, there may be chances of joining more people to these scam sites. The sites, I deleted, are,Genius Funds and Wellington Funds.I have lost money from these sites. I don't like to mislead my blog visitors showing the scam sites.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Smoke Free World

Today is 31st May,2010, the last day of the month. This day is dedicated for an 'anti smoking' campaign by the world community. Of course, it is a commendable effort by the world. Millions of members of this world is perishing because of the bad habit of smoking. It is a burning issue of the world today, no doubt. It is most important to cease the habit of smoking. It can be achieved by deciding only by the members of smoking community.

Few years back, I had been a smoker. I used to smoke many packets of cigarets daily. Since the last three years I stopped smoking. Now I am not thinking about cigarets.

Realize about the dangerous aspects of smoking and decide to stop it to save ourselves and our beloved community.

Long live the health of the World.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Three Musketeers

"The Three Musketeers" is a 19th century novel by Alexandre Dumas. But I am discussing here about three villainous HYIP sites which steal the money of many people including me. The sites are ' genius Funds' , '' and ' HYIFunds'. Among these sites HYIFunds still active on the internet to collect new deposits and continuing the cheating business. I have wrote about this site in my blog to promote it. Now I remind the public not to join these sites to avoid your financial loses. I hereby deleting such posts from my blog also. I lost $18.50 from 'genius Funds', $5 from 'verifield' and $8.50 from HYIFunds.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Promising Forum to Join

I am talking about a forum here. I am a member in many forums on the net. This forum came to my attention through a friend. On browsing the different areas of the forum, I decided to join as the down line of that friend. I liked this forum very much. It respects the efforts of it's members by giving away cash rewards generously. I am attending the forum every day, because, I am paid for being in that forum for a while. This is awesome.
I didn't mention the name of the forum so far. It is "Exchange Money Forum" , in short EMF.

The forum is deeply associated with the financial activities of the internet. Those who are interested to make extra money from the net will love , no doubt, this forum. It deals with every aspect of on-line money making methods.

The forum is conducting a lot of contests to it's members. One among them is ' Referral Contest'. Those who are making more down lines will be rewarded with cash. So, if any body is joining this forum and willing to make some money can join in this site. A banner is given below for your convenience.
A Promising Forum to Join

Thursday, April 29, 2010

One More Paying PTC

I got paid my first pay out from It is a PTC site. The site gives about 14-15 ads daily to click. The pay out threshold is $2. On reaching the minimum required amount , I requested for the first pay out on 06-04-2010. According to the TOS, the pay out will take 7 days or more. I received the payment to my ' alertpay' account on 23rd April, 2010. It took 17 days to implement the pay out. This delay may be bue to a large number of requests from the members. Any way, I am very glad to have my first pay out from "GagaBux". It is very easy to reach the pay out in GagaBux,because, they are giving more ads to click.I am thankful to the admin and staff of ''.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Vishu

Happy Vishu
Happy "Vishu" to all the keralites living on the different continents.

Vishu is the festival of peace and prosperity. It falls on the commencement of Malayalam New Year. It is on 14th April, 2010.

Again, my blog's Vishu wishes to all the concerned.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1...The World Fools Day

Today it is 1st April, 2010. The day dedicated for the fools of the world. Do you have any experience to remember about this day. Comment on the matter kindly.