Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Earn Online

Several hundred thousands of people on this earth are busy with doing some thing to earn online every day.They are making beautiful blogs and placing lot of advertisements to get decent revenue from the blogs.Some others are doing affiliate programs to market useful items of reputed companies and trying their luck.But most of the people are failing in their attempts. Because they are having only the ambition,mere ambition, not the primitive requirement of how to generate the revenue which is essential for the online earning.

That primitive requirement, other than nothing, is traffic.People are not aware how to generate enough traffic to their blog or websites.Without traffic one cannot achieve anything.So definitely try to get proper traffic to the blogs or sites.
While trying for traffic, take care, that it should be valid traffic. Traffic from exchanges are not genuine. That should come from search engines.World over, people are searching something for their requirements through various search engines.

Search engines should target your blog or site for the online searchers or in other words,the search engines should direct people to your blog/site. To get done this, most suitable keywords should be searched and placed properly in your content.

There are lot of keyword searching tools, free and paid ones, available on the internet. The most dependable one, for example, is Google Ad word Tool. It is of course free to search suitable keyword for your blog or site. Search and select keyword sets using this tool and place them accordingly in your content body. Search engines will be attracted by these words towards your blog and resulting in sending enough visitors to your sites.

Always, take utmost care generating more and more traffic to your blog. More visitors means more views and substantial clicks to the ads you have placed on your blog or site. More click generates more online earning possibility.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Wishes - 2012

Today the world is commemorating The Easter. It is a day to remember about eternal love and sacrifice.Jesus Christ sacrificed His life for the salvation of the manhood, it is believed by the Christians world over. This online money making blog wishes a warm and happy Easter on this occasion.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Again A New Year !

Again A New Year

2011 has gone and 2012 born. This blog "chukkiri" wishes a Happy and Prosperous New Year to All.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali to All

Happy Diwali to All

Diwali is a festival of lights. It brings peace and rays of hope in everybody's life, it is believed.Diwali also considered as the victory of virtues over evils. Let us wish a very Happy Diwali to all the concerned.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Customised Gifts

The phrase 'Message on Necklace' is nothing to surprise. It is a site name marketing their necklaces with a novel idea. This site sells some customised gifts to its customers. They are bringing the idea of a message pendant on the necklace. A glass pendant which bears the letter of love and affection can be created wonderful effect on the minds of the individuals those who are wearing it.The pendant's content is marked on the gift box window that can be read clearly.

If anybody wish to have such customised gifts to award their beloved ones can contact the site just clicking the hyper link without any delay.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A promise of Earning money with Ease

There is a novel idea of earning from the internet.A site promised to its members an opportunity to earn profits. The admin of the site is going to invest $2500 x 2= $5000 to the members of his two sites. This program started long back and people were stayed back there hoping to get materialized the promise. Now the activities in that site is going brisk. Their forum giving instructions to the members the steps they have to do for getting the investment.

There are many people joined in this program and expecting their share of $5000. Investing this money in certain 'forex'sites, the invester will earn interest. Seventy Five percentage of the profit will given to the members and the balance of twenty five percentage will own by the admin.

New members are still allowed to join in the program.If this is a genuine program, it is a good way of earning from the internet.

At this point I am remembering the 'paypal wish list' program conducted few years back. Many people joined in that program and earned money in hundreds of dollars. Lot of people didn't believe in that program. I had been a member in 'paypal wish list' and received $7 as my referral commission.

The site which conduct the program is 'forex4free'. At present the site is not available, because, it is going to a better server.Existing members of this program can help people to join in this program.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Graced with Page Rank

My most valued readers,today is the first day of july, 2011 and I am pleased to inform you that my website and blogs got Google'spage rank gain. Now this blog holds the rank of PR1, which I cherished from long back. Another blog "Trinity" and my site "", also stand at PR1.

As any blogger or site owner, myself was also wishing to gain these awards of rank raise. It materialized day before yesterday. I am very glad to know that my efforts were friutfull towards the theme of earning online or making money from the internet.

My third blog 'josechukkiri-news' also looking for an upgrade. It may happen on due time.I am thankfull to google as well as my viewers.

Let my viewers help me with all measures.