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Welcome 2008

A very happy and prosperous New Year-2008 to the beloved people of this great world as well as the favorite readers of the blog chukkiri.

Now it is few months after I have started this blog "chukkiri". Precisely, the blog started on 18th October,2007. The intention of the blog creation was to have discussion with like minded bloggers on the niche of make money online along with other aspects of net activities like article writing, online marketing and so on.   

At the early stages of the blog making, the required knowledge and experience was very limited, many flaws have been occurred. After the long run of time, myself acquired lot of knowledge through discussion forums as well as reading numerous articles about blogging.You can see that my early blog posts are so small in terms of word count that was considered as not 'search engine optimization friendly'. I learned that an article should have the length of at least 250 words. Articles having length of 500 words or more are attracting marvelous attention from the search engines and those articles are indexed immediately. This is what is mentioned SEO friendly above.         

So I decided to edit and replenish such articles posted previously and submit for the consideration of search engines. I hope the act would help to increase the SERP (Search Engine Result Position) of my blog. Now I am satisfied, because, I have built the article to a 250 worded one from a single sentence nonsense. 

I have deviated a little bit from the subject matter. We were discussing about the NEW YEAR-2008     

Let the coming days of 2008 may be cheerful to you all.

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