Happy Onam...

Today, 12-09-2008, is 'Thiruvonam'.Happy Onam wishes to all keralites world over.

Onam is a festival facilitates in kerala a state in India. This festival remembers the good old days of King Mahabali and his ruling. All the people were considered as 'one' and the life was very beautiful on that days. As the name specifies (Mahabali), he used to donate anything and everything to the people who deserves.Once God enacted as a poor man[a dwarf named as 'Vamanan'] and requested 3 feet of earth for doing his rituals. Mahabali donated three feet land and told 'Vamanan'(God's impersonation) to take that land. Vamanan measured it like Earth, Heaven and Hell. Mahabali went to eternity. This is the epic behind Onam.It is believed that 'Mahabali'got a favour from Vamanan to visits his subjects once in a year.That is 'Onam'. Government of Kerala added an attraction to this festival approving it as a festival of tourism.Department of tourism conducts many cultural activities in connection with the 'Onam' season.

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