My First Payout from Palmbux

I got my first pay out from Palmbux today. I felt that it was a beautiful action by a PTC site.
The reason to feel so was the loss incurred by many sites recently. After months of clicking the ads and waiting, when I requested, those sites disappeared or changed their TOS. So I had a fear about Palmbux also. When I reached the pay out limit, I just placed the withdrawal request. Then a dialogue box opened and said that being the first pay out it is required to verify my account and I have to wait about 7 days for that. But on the third day itself I noticed that my account is verified. Then I clicked on the 'Withdrawal Tab' and instantly the amount $2.01 accounted in my Alertpay account. A beautiful 'Instant Payment'. I am very happy to say that Palmbux is a legit site and you can trust that site. I am giving the pay out proof image below.

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