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ACME People Search - A Brief Description

"ACME People Search" is an affiliate program devised by Tissa Godavitarne to extract the ultimate benefit from the affiliate marketing. Many people joined in this program world wide and earning comfortable earning from the internet. The program have Nine earning sources of affiliate income. Well reputed affiliate sites like Clickbank, HD Publishing, My Life, Commission Junction, Shoe Money, Adsense, GDI, HostGator,GVO are those affiliate sources. Members of APS (ACME People Search) have to sign up with these sites and have to promote to get extra earning from the net. Besides these commissions from sites, members are given lucrative referral commissions also from APS.

APS is a search engine. By joining this program, members are getting their referral links to promote. While somebody is searching using this search engine, the program earns from the customer. A portion of this earning is devided to the members. As there is massive advertising program by Tissa Godavitarne through, AdWorld, Yahoo and MSN, the search engine is getting extensive traffic, subsequently, attractive commissions also.

Joining in this program is Free. The program is divided into three, as, Step1, Step2 and Step3. Step1 is called 'Affiliatize'. In this step a member have to sign up with sites like Clickank and then have to add the user IDs in this program. This will enable the member to get affiliate commissions from those sites. Step2 is called 'Monetizing'. In this program the member have to invest for GDI or Hostgator Domains. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc will recognize easily Search engine hosted on one's own domain.This hosting sites retains good commissions also to the members.

The step3 is called 'Advetise'. It is done by Tissa. This step require $29.95 per month as subscription fee to Tissa.

On completion of the three steps a member is eligible for an immediate allocation of $125 from Tissa. It is payable to a member adding his other commissions to become $200.

This site APS is running a forum for its members and others. A detailed study can be have from this forum.Forum Link:

Many people around the world joined in the ACME People Search program and earning a steady and systematic income from their sincere working. The Link:

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