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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is not right.

I witnessed in the TV, the world cup soccer play in between the teams of Germany and England. It was so interesting to see till the end of the play. Germany won the match with 4 goals over the 1 of England. But through out the play it was visible that the referees were not judging properly the match. Many foul spots were ignored. Above all , the ball which passed the goal line and rebound exactly at the line was adjudged as ‘no goal’. It was so painful to a lover of soccer match who is viewing impartially. It was the bad luck of England team. If this type of refereeing is going on, it is not justifiable and hence it demands to employ a correction method in the manner of “Third Umpire” in Cricket.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Palmbux making fools its users

It is surprising me that a well-known PTC site like Palmbux is fooling its online money earners. On reaching the minimum required amount of money, palmbux is not paying to the ad clickers. They are telling about the server time settings.The payment is open only at this time. People from eastern countries should have to wait till the early morning hours.

I am from India. On reaching the threshold of my minimum required amount of $4, I tried to request and faild. Now I came to know about the server's time setting. According to the server time setting, I have to wait upto 12 a.m. At that time it matches in India 3.30 a.m. OK. I waited and tried to withdraw money. To my surprise, I received a message that the server is not showing up.

The ultimate result is that I am unable to withdraw from palmbux.So I decided not to click further to this site and remove the ads and postings wherever I have placed. I think that it is essential to save the people from this scam site.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Deleted The Postings About Scam Funds.

I have deleted the postings about some HYIP sites which offered attractive interest rates to the investing members. These sites proved to be scam sites. I had inserted my referral links on these postings to attract referrals.Some body joined in some sites. If I am not deleting the postings, there may be chances of joining more people to these scam sites. The sites, I deleted, are,Genius Funds and Wellington Funds.I have lost money from these sites. I don't like to mislead my blog visitors showing the scam sites.