My Site.....My Heart !, this is a free hosted web-site by This is the site which encouraged me to learn more about internet activities. I had started this site far before I started my blogs. So, naturally, I liked this website very much. When I started this site, I was not aware about various rules and regulations of starting and maintaining sites. Many of the articles on my site was provided by the free template itself.

Learning about things step by step, I reached my web site to a ranking position of PR1. Slowly and steadily, people started to peep my site from different parts of the world.

Suddenly, one day, when I clicked my site to add some thing, I shocked to see that my account is suspended by the authorities. I annoyed very much knowing this information for few days. I was thinking seriously all these days, what I have to do to get back my favorite site.

While I was browsing the forum of, it came to my attention the reason of suspending many sub domain sites. There the admin of the have mentioned to submit a request to the authorities, if , users those who are having a ground for their defense. I made my request for getting back my site to the stream. The admin approved and to my happiness, the site started to show up again.

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  1. Now this site is not in existence. I am deeply expressing my sorry to the readers of my blog.