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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A promise of Earning money with Ease

There is a novel idea of earning from the internet.A site promised to its members an opportunity to earn profits. The admin of the site is going to invest $2500 x 2= $5000 to the members of his two sites. This program started long back and people were stayed back there hoping to get materialized the promise. Now the activities in that site is going brisk. Their forum giving instructions to the members the steps they have to do for getting the investment.

There are many people joined in this program and expecting their share of $5000. Investing this money in certain 'forex'sites, the invester will earn interest. Seventy Five percentage of the profit will given to the members and the balance of twenty five percentage will own by the admin.

New members are still allowed to join in the program.If this is a genuine program, it is a good way of earning from the internet.

At this point I am remembering the 'paypal wish list' program conducted few years back. Many people joined in that program and earned money in hundreds of dollars. Lot of people didn't believe in that program. I had been a member in 'paypal wish list' and received $7 as my referral commission.

The site which conduct the program is 'forex4free'. At present the site is not available, because, it is going to a better server.Existing members of this program can help people to join in this program.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Graced with Page Rank

My most valued readers,today is the first day of july, 2011 and I am pleased to inform you that my website and blogs got Google'spage rank gain. Now this blog holds the rank of PR1, which I cherished from long back. Another blog "Trinity" and my site "", also stand at PR1.

As any blogger or site owner, myself was also wishing to gain these awards of rank raise. It materialized day before yesterday. I am very glad to know that my efforts were friutfull towards the theme of earning online or making money from the internet.

My third blog 'josechukkiri-news' also looking for an upgrade. It may happen on due time.I am thankfull to google as well as my viewers.

Let my viewers help me with all measures.