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The New Year with New Ambitions and Expectations.

New Year Wishes-2015

The New Year has started. 2015 brings together with it more ambitions and expectations.

Considering my ambitions and expectations on this year is to get up with my blog chukkiri. To serve the purpose, I bought a domain and customized this blog from blogspot subdomain to Dot Com TLD (Top Level Domain).

In the past my attention went to the writing site Bubblews.com. It was a fantastic earning site. I have explained about the bubblews.com in my previous posting. Bubblews.com earned me quite good money from my postings at that site.

Now the scenario has changed. The site reduced its revenue sharing algorithm making many writers in distress. Most of the bubblers were used to dedicate their time on working with bubblews. Me also was not an exception to this. As a result, I could not get time to maintain my blogs. Subsequently, this blog get reduced its Google page ranking.

Now I would like to spare more time to boost the traffic of my blogs. I have to write more content and solicit more attention to my blogs. I hope that I may succeed in attaining my ambitions.   

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