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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Earning online Ayuwage 2

This video is the second part of the one published before in name Earning Online Ayuwage-1. I thought that the first part was not covered every aspects of making money online using an earn online PTC site like Ayuwage. That is why I made the second part. Further the length of the video has to be considered for the smooth uploading as well as some other factors. Still the discussion is not complete yet, I think. A third part is definitely is a must and I am thinking for that.The viewers can enjoy this video and shall make feedback to facilitate how you enjoyed it.Hoping for your kind solicitation, I submit the video below. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

▶ Earning Online Ayuwage 1 - YouTube

▶ Earning Online Ayuwage 1 - YouTube

This is the new posting of the videos at youtube today. The video discuss about the online earning site Ayuwage. The author shares the earning experience at the site to motivate people towards the legitimate earning online resource.The video is said to be the first part of few more videos just like a tutorial.Different methods of making money online at Ayuwage is elaborately discussed to extract the benefits by the users of the site.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Would the Banks Mind it?

Image of social network sites' Icons

If the Banks would mind it, what I am trying to discuss here, it would have been the nicest thing in the world.

Every day we are seeing in the prominent social media networks like FaceBook, call for charitable assistance to the needy people from different parts of the world. Charitable deeds are the most favorite acts to God than prayers. Poor and helpless people deserve the love and compassion of the entire world. It is our responsibility to response to the request of the needy people.

While going through the FaceBook, every day, I see requests for help. People needed lot of money for medical treatment or any other such activities and they are having no resource for that. They are requesting for help to accumulate huge money which is required for the treatment. They are giving the bank account data. Many people respond to such requests.

 Here I suggest to augment the motivation of the funding, placing an application of the bank. Along with the account number, NFEC number etc, the application icon also a must. By just clicking on the application icon, it should be opened the required page of the bank to facilitate the transaction of the fund transfer to the requestor’s account. Remember what we are doing for “online payment” system. This application will definitely increase the amount of the money collected what it is now generating without the application icon and thus serve the purpose with its full esteem.

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