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make money online

Considering the money making ideas of online earning aspects, I have stated that it is a tedious job in one of my earlier article. But  I have to make some modification to that statement, when I considering the novel methods introduced by the favorite site Ayuwage to facilitate earn online is faster than ever.

As I have mentioned in my articles about Ayuwage, there are many levels of earning opportunities to click on advertisements, exploring and searching for keywords, conducting simple surveys and so on. The levels are started from $0.001 to $0.03 and more. In my case, I used to earn $10 per month, if I am working hard and many times a day. I have only One active referral, so the earning purely depends on my hard work itself. The success of  make money online is definitely depends upon the number of referrals or affiliates associated with an individual. 

The new method introduced by Ayuwage is the percentage increase of the existing earning levels. That means, on holidays or any other stipulated days, the earning levels are increased by 50%. This advantage is available to all members of the site, even though, practically it is enjoyable to regular clickers, because, the site is not advertising prior to the occurrence of the exact day. So it is an encouraging step to the regular and hard working members of the site.

As far as concerned my earnings of this month, I was able to make money easily twice what I was making regularly. I have just applied for my 13th pay - out yesterday, which is the second one in this month. The first one I have already mentioned in the article 'Make Money Online Effort Fruitful Again'. I have suggestion to those ambitious people to have an easy resource of make money online shall join the site and make their share.      

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  2. Clixsense is a good site definitely. But the rewards for ads clicking is very less. To cover this deficiency one have to build up more referrals. But in the case of Ayuwage, you are getting ads to click, almost 24 hours of the day and the rates of ads clicking is attractive. Alone, I am getting $10 every month.

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