New, Novel and Free Software-KODI


New,  Novel and Free Software "KODI"
New,  Novel and Free Software 'KODI'

It was a long time that I would have been updated this blog. But unfortunately it was not happened. Now I feel it is high time to update it. Writing an article about a new, novel and free software-KODI, I am fulfilling that job of updating the blog.

KODI is an awesome software licensed free to the public. Installing KODI enables one to have unlimited as well as ultimate entertainment of viewing live TV Shows, live TV channels, Movies and many other things world over. It is definitely useful while we are traveling for a long time. Our favorite TV shows and serials shall be enjoyed every day without any regional difference. Even one can enjoy the local TV stations live from the distance. Even one can transmit his/her program to the public. Enjoy the music around the world. View the CCTV of the reputed tourist locations world-over. The possibilities of this soft ware can be classified in a single word as 'Vast'. Perhaps, that may be the reason that hundreds of thousands of people are freely using KODI all over the world.

KODI is a platform, purely a 'platform-only' for running the above-mentioned programs.KODI provides many authorized programs owned by themselves, which are not required any copy-right permission. At the same time, programs provided by third parties those could be installed and run in KODI platform, definitely require permissions from the owners of the content. KODI is not responsible for the legal obligation arising from such activities, it is clearly stated in the KODI website. In such eventualities, it is advised to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to protect the user.

Another aspect that I have noticed in this software which have to be mentioned without fail is about the adult content. Many third party programs provide such content those could be installed on the responsibility of the user. So it is advised to keep away the children from this software.

Just search on the GOOGLE and get the KODI DOWNLOAD link. There are versions for different platforms like Windows (32 and 64), Mac as well as Android.

Just try the software and have the joy of this marvelous program. I have plans to make a video and publish it on my YouTube channel as soon as possible

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