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Money-Saving Apps And Browser Extensions For Online Shopping

"Money-Saving Apps And Browser Extensions For Online Shopping"
"Money-Saving Apps And Browser Extensions For Online Shopping"

If anybody asks what are the best browser extensions as well as money-saving applications, the answer would be, most probably, described below.

It’s also the only way many consumers have been able to get what they need during the corona virus pandemic. There are plenty of apps and browser extensions that can make online, e-shopping easier, and cheaper. These tools can help you find the best prices on products without spending hours sifting through websites, or they can provide discounts and cash-back rewards just for shopping through. Here are five apps and browsers that can help you maximize your money while shopping online.


Rakuten, formerly known as eBates, is one of the most versatile online shopping tools available. The portal offers cash-back and rewards from thousands of retailers, including major brands such as Amazon, Nike, and Macy’s. To use Rakuten, shoppers can create a free account and shop through the portal via a desktop the browser or mobile app. Rakuten offers cash-back deals from participating retailers, as well as coupons ­and promo codes for buy one, get one sales and discounts. You can use any credit card to shop with Rakuten, but the portal also offers the Rakuten Cash Back Visa credit card to maximize cash-back earned there. The card charges no annual fee offers an extra 3% cash-back on qualifying purchases made through Rakuten.Com and provide an additional 1% cash-back on all other purchases. There’s no limit to how much cash back you can earn with the card. As with any rewards credit card or credit card geared toward frequent shoppers, make sure you weigh the benefits and drawbacks before choosing it. Plan to pay off your purchases every month so interest charges don’t negate your rewards earnings.


WikiBuy, a free Google Chrome browser extension acquired by Capital One in 2018, is a price comparison tool for online shopping. It has a five-star rating out of over 9,000 reviews on the Chrome Web Store. After downloading the extension, you’ll be directed to a sign-up page where you will enter your name, ZIP code and email address and create an account password. You will also report whether or not you have Amazon Prime so WikiBuy can take free shipping into account while scanning the web to find you the best deal. While viewing products online, WikiBuy will automatically compare their prices to other retailers’ and search for any relevant coupon codes for your purchase. You also can Search for products directly through WikiBuy’s website to find the best deals, or even Search by the store to see what promotions are available at that time. WikiBuy also gives users the ability to set price alerts on items they’re interested in but may not be ready to purchase. The extension will send you an alert when a saved item’s price drops.


Those looking for rewards while shopping for necessities like groceries can benefit from using Ibotta. This mobile app offers cash-back both in-store and online at retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Instacart, Aldi, and Costco. Users can create an account with Ibotta for free. From there, you can browse its offers before you shop in-store or online. Most offers are for cash-back on specific products, such as a certain brand of cereal. If your offers are for in-store purchases, you can redeem your rewards by scanning your receipt or linking your store loyalty account, if you have one. Another major advantage of Ibotta is a new feature offering rewards from retailers that provide grocery pickup and delivery. The minimum rewards amount for redemption is $20; once your balance hits that threshold, you can redeem it for cash through PayPal or for digital gift cards at dozens.


PriceBlink is a web extension that compares prices while users are shopping online. After creating a free account, users browsing the web to shop will notice PriceBlink pop up and show a list of websites where the same product is being sold PriceBlink also shows users coupons from stores, including major brands such as Macy’s, Target and Best Buy. These coupons are verified by PriceBlink and can be accessed via the website’s homepage or in the browser bar. PriceBlink has a wish list feature where products can be saved and regularly monitored for the price you seek to pay.

Users can identify a price that PriceBlink will search for across store websites. When the item becomes available at that price, the user will get an email alerting them that the product is now available for the amount they hoped for. Frequent Amazon shoppers know that the online the marketplace has real-time pricing, meaning its algorithm adjusts product prices based on supply and demand. In some cases, this can cause major spikes in prices.


The Camelizer, a browser extension for MozillaFirefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge can help consumers to keep a better eye on Amazon’s dynamic pricing. While shopping on Amazon, consumers can Click on the Camel button in their toolbar and view historical pricing graphs of products. These graphs can show if the desired product is experiencing a bump in its normal prices and helps shoppers make smarter purchasing decisions


Honey is another prominent browser extension that automatically finds and provides coupon codes on purchases. This is applicable through the vast number of outlets world over. The browser extension is from the PayPal family.

In the conclusion of this article, I hope that the information provided above may help you in bringing monetary benefit by using them and extending my gratitude towards you for spending your time to view this article.

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