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Happy Moments



I am discussing here the particular moments in which I got excited with real happiness. Those were the moments when I read the e-mail from the PayPal payment site informing me that an amount of $50 has been sent to my account by the well-known survey company, say hereafter The Example Site or Company. The name of the company is irrelevant here, I think. Because my intention of creating this article is only to focus on the very special moments of happiness I have had.

On reading the mail I went to the PayPal site to check the details of the transaction. Yes, it is true. I clicked on the 'Accept' button and the transaction has completed. The joy of first-time earning from the internet was boundless. There is a reason for that thrilling moment. It elaborates in the below-given paragraphs.

The Perspective

I was propagating through my blog, the idea of various methods of making money online or earn online without investment. The idea was to proliferate among the common people about the vast earning possibilities of the internet. I used to work with many online earning sites so far, but experienced only much meager earnings compared to the expectations. This generated negative energy in me about the so-called earning online facility that was propagating through my site. In such a situation was prevailing, I got the beautiful, successful earning of $50 from this survey site. The fifty Dollars were not a small amount at that time and so it generated inside me the feeling of happiness of making money online.

Not Promotion, But Contemporary Facts

This article is not propagating or promoting any online sites. But, I wish to specify certain contemporary facts. The Example Site was a reputed survey company having vast membership of about one and a half million people. Many people have got payments from this company. I came to know about The Example Site from some forums I was attending. Many forums discussed this company in a positive manner at that time. Precisely saying, I signed up in this company as a referral of one Mr.Dhanraj of WebMaster-Forums. Dhanraj and many other persons gave a very good testimony. I thought things were going well.

The Smooth Beginning

After joining the Example Site, I started to promote my referral base. I placed my referral link in different forum signatures including the Digital Point forum. This company gives surveys once-in-a month which has the value of $1 only. I thought if this is the situation, it will take a long time to attain the minimum target amount of withdrawal. At the same time the most encouraging factor, I felt, was developing a 'referrals' base. So I continued my effort of promoting my referral link. I used to get $1.25 for each referral I earned. No doubt, that was very much interesting.

Encouraging Contribution

The terms and conditions of the Example Site were satisfactory to me. On joining the site, they used to give $6 as a 'welcome bonus' and opening surveys valued about 20 plus Dollars. I got $27 altogether. No doubt, it was an encouraging contribution. But to get this amount to one's 'PayPal' or 'alert pay' payment account, he or she should have to wait to reach the amount up to $75. When reaching $75 one can request for payout. The amount you are actually getting is $50. The Example Site will seize $25 as their service charge. At this point, one may think that he or she has to wait a long time to reach the pay-out target of $75. But it was not like that.


After few months of my joining the Example Site, the company started another benefit program which was really appreciable to the members. Every month end they would conduct a lottery draw and select a lucky winner among the active members to get $500 as free gift! No doubt, it was fantastic!! I never got a lottery winning. But knowing the name of the winners from the notifications was creating a kind of good hope inside me towards the next month-end.

Some Glitches

While my referral program was progressing comfortably, I ought to face a lot of negative discussions in Forums that the Example Site is a ‘scam’ one and joining this site will harm the interests of members. They mentioned that this site will not pay its’ members properly. Many people gave such testimony which discouraged my enthusiasm. I felt that it is a kind of glitch that may occur on some sites. Meanwhile, as a result of my promotion efforts, the referral base increased steadily up to 30 members fetching $40 to my account and earning from surveys $36 totaling it to $76.

The Payment Order

As I have reached the minimum target level of $75, I decided to request the pay-out. I had a kind of fear in my mind because many people testified against this company that they are not paying to the members and branded it as a 'scam' site. On payout request, I got a notice that I will be paid within 7 working days. I wait for 7 days. No reply or any e-mails received from the Example Site.I became disappointed. Now it passed 9 days. At midnight of the 9th day, my mailbox was struck with a PayPal notification indicating The Example Site's payment order.

The Conclusion

The Conclusion

That was the moment I got really happy. I became the owner of $50 from the internet and the money was transferred to my bank account as per the rules by PayPal. This was really an encouraging situation for me.

In this article, I believe that I have tried my level best to explain purely about a Happy Moment I have had. I am not interested to promote any individual site or company. But I emphasize to say the importance of internet earning in our everyday life. It will eradicate the unemployment problem faced in many developing countries.

Further, I will stick to the slogan of making money online, and still, the efforts are going on and on.

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