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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Onam Wishes to All Keralites

Happy Onam wishes to all the concerned people all over the world. Onam is considered as the festival of harvest in the ancient days of kerala. As everybody know, it is linked with the story of Mahabali and vamanan. King Mahabali's rule of justice and equality of human status is remembered through centuries.

Now people of kerala commemorate this festival as their regional festival. Every where unfurls happiness. Flower decorations known as 'Pookkalam' is prepared in front of every houses.

It is a festival lasting for four days starting from sunday 22nd August, 2010 to 25th August, 2010. The first day is called 'Uthradam'while the second day that is 23rd August, 2010 is called 'Thiruvonam.

There are many kinds of cultural activities like Vallam Kalhi [Boat Racing], Pulikkali [Tiger Dance],....etc are conducted.

Once more wish the keralites all over the world the warm greetings of Onam Festival.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Site.....My Heart !, this is a free hosted web-site by This is the site which encouraged me to learn more about internet activities. I had started this site far before I started my blogs. So, naturally, I liked this website very much. When I started this site, I was not aware about various rules and regulations of starting and maintaining sites. Many of the articles on my site was provided by the free template itself.

Learning about things step by step, I reached my web site to a ranking position of PR1. Slowly and steadily, people started to peep my site from different parts of the world.

Suddenly, one day, when I clicked my site to add some thing, I shocked to see that my account is suspended by the authorities. I annoyed very much knowing this information for few days. I was thinking seriously all these days, what I have to do to get back my favorite site.

While I was browsing the forum of, it came to my attention the reason of suspending many sub domain sites. There the admin of the have mentioned to submit a request to the authorities, if , users those who are having a ground for their defense. I made my request for getting back my site to the stream. The admin approved and to my happiness, the site started to show up again.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now It is 'GagaBux'

I have wrote good words about the ptc site "Gagabux" on older posts few months back.In that post I expressed my happiness of a paying site. It was when I received my first pay out from Gagabux.

But now I am mentioning here about gagabux, the ptc site, in a negative mood.It is sorry to say that this site slowly changed to a scam site.In my view point, any site is scam, if they are not paying.

Now Gagabux changed it's TOS many times.They have decided that the second pay out limit would be $5. But when I reached $5, I came to know that they have changed the second pay out limit to $10.

Again I continued the clicking of the ads. Recently I reached the $10 limit and attempted to request the pay out.Now Gagabux saying that they are not paying to the ordinary members. They are paying to upgraded members only.What should be there other than this to brand a site as 'Scam'.

I thought that I will upgrade my membership from my account, because I am having $10 in the account. But they are not allowing to use the money from the account. It should come from the alertpay account itself.

So it is double clear that Gagabux turned purely as a scam site.