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Now It is 'GagaBux'

I have wrote good words about the ptc site "Gagabux" on older posts few months back.In that post I expressed my happiness of a paying site. It was when I received my first pay out from Gagabux.

But now I am mentioning here about gagabux, the ptc site, in a negative mood.It is sorry to say that this site slowly changed to a scam site.In my view point, any site is scam, if they are not paying.

Now Gagabux changed it's TOS many times.They have decided that the second pay out limit would be $5. But when I reached $5, I came to know that they have changed the second pay out limit to $10.

Again I continued the clicking of the ads. Recently I reached the $10 limit and attempted to request the pay out.Now Gagabux saying that they are not paying to the ordinary members. They are paying to upgraded members only.What should be there other than this to brand a site as 'Scam'.

I thought that I will upgrade my membership from my account, because I am having $10 in the account. But they are not allowing to use the money from the account. It should come from the alertpay account itself.

So it is double clear that Gagabux turned purely as a scam site.

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